Plastic cut on the Bf-109H conversion!

I’ve made more of start on the fuselage work that’s needed to take this wicked conversion. It’s not a perfect fit & it’s going to need quite a bit of sanding and filing to get straight – but I’ve high hopes working with this AlleyCat resin as it’s lovely and solid!

I have done quite a bit on the cockpit, but as it’s not finished yet I decided not to post any photos as of yet, so just the one for now showing the centre wing section.


1/72nd Amodel IL-20M

Going to be starting this over the next few days, a kit I have wanted to build for a long time! I will be doing some modifications to bring it up to spec as I want to model RF- 95980.






and here is the real IL-20M that I’m going to model. With thanks to (original link – RF-95980)

Restoration Project – Airfix 1/48th EA-6B Prowler

My dad has cleared out his loft and give me *lots* of kits, some built & lots unbuilt. One that stands out to me is this Airfix 1/48th Prowler. He built it when I was a kid well over 20 years ago and since then it’s taken a bit of a beaten up in the loft as it was left on a shelf where it got knocked a few times, parts are missing, paint flaking off, faded & discoloured paint with worn decals… not to mention a tonne of dust. It’s just moved house too, so the parts that were broken off missing, are now 100% missing. Luckily for me, I have a spares 1/48th Revell Intruder that I’m hoping I can scrounge parts off.. mainly the undercarriage. A new decal sheet has been ordered, but I would like some resin wheels and vents, so they are on the ‘to buy’ list.

I’m just gathering some info for the time being and I have found some very useful walkaround links.

Cybermodeler Prowler Walkaround

Cybermodeler Prowler Walkaround #2

Primeportal Prowler Walkaround

Just some of the photos from the links above can be seen below. Very useful!


As you can see it is in need of some TLC! I just couldn’t throw it away, for that colour scheme more than anything! It’s still got the hanging string attached as I left it on for the photo so I can show how I got it, and how it’s going to look when done.

[Work In Progress] Resin 1/24th scale Blackburn Buccaneer

I bought this Buccaneer going on 3 years now, and have since looked at it quite a bit.. it’s an absolute beast of a model. Cast in resin with a large brass etch sheet and large vacformed clear parts… it’s going to be a challenge. The clean up is going to take some time, some parts are warped with heavy flash in areas but luckily next to no air bubbles.

As you can see from the photos, the nose section can be seen in two states, how I got it and cleaned up. I’ve also added photos of the very basic cockpit area, this area will be totally transformed scratch building all the details, IP, seats, floor etc!

Some photos of my progress up until now, there will be more in the coming weeks, so please check back!

Many thanks

Stoke-on-Trent Model Club Show 2017

A nice local show to me, great venue with lots of parking. Good selection of traders and club stands on show too. A wide variation of aircraft on the tables ranging from airliners, dioramas, drones, fighters and much more, I will let the photos do the talking!

Stoke Club website and show info can be found here –

And lastly, Thanks to all involved in setting up and organising the show, a good day out.